Welcome to KPB Penawar Sdn Bhd Malaysia.

We’re the people behind the operations & maintenances, hospitality, food and support services that power your day, make you smile and put a spring in your step. That’s just one of the reason why we’re here for hospitality, catering and business support service provider. KPB PENAWAR SDN BHD is purely 100% malaysian bumiputera company incorporated in 2017. We one of most prefered support services in provide (O&M) Operations and Maintenance services of workers accommodation facilities located Pengerang, Johor, Malaysia. And also surrounding area by Petronas Integrated Complex (PIC), Pengerang Industrial Park (PIP), Pengerang Echo Industrial Park (PEIP). We offer a broad range of services for industrial and commercial establishments as well as workers camp, hostel, residential complexes and individual homes throughout Johor.
We take the time to understand each of our client's needs on an individual basis, in order to ensure they receive from us the best possible services for their premises. All projects undertaken by us are handled by experienced, skilled and well-trained staff using the latest equipment and quality materials to ensure that the tasks are completed to the highest standards and on time.

HSE: Providing and maintaining safe facilities and working conditions. Recognising that all employees have responsibility for their own safety and actions which could affect the safety of others. Adoption of appropriate technologies to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.
In malaysia, the government uses a self-regulation approach in dealing with OSH. According to OSHA 1994, the employers shoulder most of the responsibilities in managing OSH in the workplace. Employers have to take reasonable measures to ensure employees' safety by preventing accidents in the workplace.

Clients in both public and private sectors continue to recognise outsourcing as a route not only to reducing costs but also to accessing expertise. We have enormous experience and our clients know that by working with us they are benefiting from a track record of delivery, trusted relationships and quality service. Put simply, we hit the ground running and make a real difference from day one.

Today, clients increasingly want that ‘difference’ to be applied to more and more individual services. Many clients initially appoint us to provide a single service. Then, when we have proved our value, they frequently move towards bundling a number of services together – and there’s a clear trend towards bundled and integrated FM, where we deliver a suite of services, often across multiple sites. We see opportunities for great service and consistent growth in all contracts – whether we are providing one service or several.

KPB Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To provide superior and comprehensive FM services resulting in a better working or living environment for our clients

Our Vision

To be recognised as an innovator in the support services sector and a leader in Quality, value and customer satisfaction. To provide an environment enriched with trust, cooperation and mutual respect while delivering services to our clients, ensuring professionalism, exceeding customers’ expectations, achieving market leadership and operational excellence in every services.

Our Values


Acting our commitment to exceed clients'expectations without compromising on service.


Establishing trust in all our relationships through consistent service standards support by a strong code of ethics and governance.


Adapting to the challenging markets we operate in global touch,local reach for satisfaction and flexibility.


Buildibg a culture of quality and execution superiority to better serve our clients.


Counting on us for tenacity,responsiveness,initiative and creativity to bring effective and proactive solutions to our clients' needs.


Leading a postive impact on the communities we serve while implementing the highest safety standards to protect all stakeholders.


Partnering with our staff,clients and the communities we serve.One team, one goal working together for sustainable relationships.


Efficiency through effective procurement

Innovation & best practices cost containment strategies
Best values are achieved when savings are great. And the three typical levels of cost savings initiative to be undertaken are:

  • Tactical initiatives
  • Quick-hit, reactionary activities and R&R's
  • Restructuring existing model through possible automation
  • Process improvements
  • Re-engineering processes, procedures and systems that support the delivery of services
  • Centralisation of services enabled by technology
  • Efficiency through effective procurement
  • Procurement of major services carried by our purchase department
  • Competitive tendering for services
  • Determine system criticality to the core business and produce supporting KPI's
  • Re-validate and re-negotiate service contracts periodically
  • Establish spare parts and consumable procurement process
  • Procurement of major services carried by our purchase department
  • Competitive tendering for services
  • Determine system criticality to the core business and produce supporting KPI's
  • Re-validate and re-negotiate service contracts periodically
  • Establish spare parts and consumable procurement process

  • Your safety is your personal responsibility.
  • Always follow the correct procedures.
  • Never take shortcuts.
  • Take responsibility and clean up if you made a mess.
  • Clean and organize your workspace.
  • Ensure a clear and easy route to emergency exits and equipment.
  • Be alert and awake on the job.
  • Be attentive at all times to your work surroundings.
  • When in doubt, contact your supervisor or manager for instruction, guidance, or training.
  • Never take risks when it comes to safety.
  • Obey safety signs, stickers, and tags.
  • Take short breaks when you keep up a repetitive motion for a long period of time, and sit, stand, or walk with good posture.
  • Report serious injuries immediately to a supervisor and get emergency assistance.
  • Keep things in perspective. Hazards may be limitless, so focus on the most likely risks first.
  • Strained backs and sliced fingers may be more popular in your workspace than would the risk of flooding (as in a basement office) or the risk of wild animals cutting loose (as in a zoo).

  • Educate everyone in the workplace about the safety requirements and consider posting a list of workplace safety tips. A workplace safety training will help them reduce or eliminate injuries and illnesses from occurring in the workplace.
  • Always keep the communication lines open with your co-workers, employers, or employees in order to promote and maintain a safe environment.
  • Immediately notify others of any (new or old) hazards that you perceive.
  • Be alert to hazards that could affect anyone— not just yourself; in this respect, maintain a team mentality at all times.
  • Report a hazardous condition immediately to your manager or supervisor.
  • Be conscious as to what others are doing around you, and do your best to ensure you don’t pose a hazard to them (and vice versa).
  • If you’re an employer, invite and involve your employees in safety planning; obtain their insight, give and take suggestions, and ensure that everyone is on the same page.